Saturday, 10 March 2012

One of My published article

A belief to do be different and the urge to achieve a distinction among the crowd make people to do special things in life.

This is not easy in the present scenario as competition is prevalent in all works of life. Still aims and aspirations of human beings find out their way with sheer belief and perseverance. Such is the case of Shourabh Modi, who at the age of 28 has achieved many distinctions with his unique hobbies. His record has already entered in India book of records and Record Holders Republic. He has created an unusual painting “Nimisha”, the painting is typical modern art and what look like a simple canvas is actually 111 different faces. Shourabh took just two and a half hours to make this painting and claims it to be one of the most unique paintings in the world.

Shourabh also known as “Shosaff” also has a collection of 18,000 odd matchboxes which includes some that are more than 100 years old. These matchboxes cost between Rs. in lacs 1 to 10 or $ in millions 0.2 to 2 million in world markets. He has a collection of 1000 foreign and Indian currency notes and coins.

His paintings are displayed in many hotels and Stores in Bangalore, Mysore, Delhi and Bhopal. He has already sold his copyrights to some known brands like Lee, Pepe Jeans and Levis. He has written biography of Dheerubhai Ambani over Matchbox Sliders. He attributes his success to his parents and friends who always guided him and helps him to get this achievement. Shourabh has a dream to create a plaza which will house all the designs of the world.

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